Buyer Connect


With the emergence of large home search portals, one thing is certain: the Internet has changed the buyer/agent relationship forever. Why limit yourself to a zip code, when we are targeting millions of people?

There are thousands of buyers being captured every day and those captured buyers are being sold to multiple agents.

So, let’s talk about one-to-one leads delivered right to you. Buyers in your area. Buyers that want to search for homes. Buyers that may not have an agent. This is Buyer Connect.

Up until now, there were only a few ways to meet new prospects:

Waiting on referrals from past customers. Hoping open house visitors aren’t working with an agent. Buying leads from large Internet sites (that were also sold to other agents in their area)

Ask yourself a question – what would capture the attention of a first-, or even second-, time buyer?

Well, after 20 years in the real estate business, please allow our experience to grow your database. The primary focus of Buyer Connect is to drive real life buyers in your MLS area right to your IDX integrated website. A website built for the modern era with full screen high-resolution images that adapt to any device.

MediaBoost is changing the way today’s agents think about meeting buyers.

Target. Capture. Engage. Try Buyer Connect Today!

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