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Why Should I use MediaBoost?

May 3rd, 2023

So, you’ve made the decision to increase your lead volume and hire a company to manage your Social Media marketing. The only thing…there are countless companies that offer digital advertising services. Some have mastered Google Ads while others have a primary focus on Social Media. Making is decision on a company is a long and painstaking process because many require a contractual commitment and hefty monthly service charges. When it comes down to it, this decision really isn’t all that easy.

So why MediaBoost? Basically, our approach is completely different. We didn’t create this business with the same blueprint as the rest which is why our results are different. Our philosophy is based on the 23+ years we have been in business serving thousands of business owners: Contracts allow performance to drop, which is why we do not have them! This means we have to produce to keep your business, so the pressure is on us, not you.

How much do you want to spend? We all get the notion “you have to spend money to make money” and this holds true for Social Media Advertising. The difference is we want to work with your budget, not force you into a box that just ads more stress. Some companies require $10,000 minimum to even work with you, but what if you only had $200.00 to spend? Well, that is where we come in. MediaBoost Social Media advertising is affordable because we built it this way: Scalable digital marketing that has to perform in the first month.

How do we do it? Without giving away too many of our secrets, we developed an algorithm that harnesses 167 unique datasets and Artificial Intelligence to post the most effective content and the ideal time to the exact customer base you are targeting. With a development staff of 27 experienced engineers and a team of dedicated copywriters and artists, we are the most equipped company to service your Social Media marketing needs. If you want to grow your business, you need leads. You need people in your market remembering you when they need your services. Email marketing to a large list of contacts yields about 3% open rate. Traditional marketing (like mailers and flyers) end up in the trash 99% of the time. Newspapers and the Yellow pages are archaic and ineffective. Today’s consumer, regardless of their age, is spending more and more time on Social Media due to its diverse usage. From professional networking, communication, or just for entertainment, your future clients are on Social Media 3.5 hours per day. Where are you?

MediaBoost Social Media advertising is for any industry, for any budget, and for any length of time. Visually rich banners and meaningful captions that target your future customers at a price point you set. We look forward to working with you and accelerating your business growth.

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