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MediaBoost Social Media Ads + Artificial Intelligence

April 26th, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is almost in everything now. IBM said it well in 2020 “In its simplest form, artificial intelligence is a field that combines computer science and robust datasets to enable problem solving”. Basically, take a group of really smart people and give them a pile of data. What you will end up with is a strategy that goes beyond our surface understanding of future prospects. In essence, AI creates unparalleled efficiency. MediaBoost, built upon this exact philosophy, has developed a Social Media Advertising Strategy for any budget.

Let’s break apart the IBM sentence and apply it to AI centric Social Media Advertising. “Datasets” (Geographic location, occupation, income levels, consumer behavior, etc) are applied to a series of ads that target and retarget your prospective audience. This is the beginning stage of top of mind awareness. Your MediaBoost Social Media campaigns are customized around your desired audience and results. AI is used to find the fastest and most cost-effective path to achieve the lead volume you are looking for without sacrificing your bottom line.

In regard to “Problem Solving” well, that’s subjective. You may have a problem with your current marketing budget being squandered over miss managed campaigns and weak search phrases that have buried your exposure. Or…your problem is you don’t have enough customers visiting your website or calling for your services which means you had to stop your ads because your revenue is down. These problems are not uncommon, and you are not alone.

Google Ads can spiral out of control. First, the cost per click can range from $7.00-$25.00. Second, their reaction to your existing website. Just because they click, doesn’t mean they will convert. It’s easier than you think to spend $5,000 and end up with 10 leads. So many small businesses fail due to mismanaged marketing.

The objective, unlike Google Ads, is to create brand recognition through a series of Social Media campaigns that showcase your company and services to a very captive audience. The average person spends 3.5 hours per day on Social Media, more than people watch television. Social Media has become a major part of people’s lives in our society. Your customers aren’t on Google, they are Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Where you are?

MediaBoost Social Media ads are for any profession and any industry. Backed by AI and a development team with 67 years of combined experience, the only question left is “Would you spend $200 to showcase your company to 7,000 people in your market? Yes, is the correct answer.

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