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How Do Social Media Ads Work?

April 21st, 2023

MediaBoost, a Social Media marketing machine, was created out of necessity. Most advertisers follow each other which is why their results are the same. We encase your target audience with a continuous stream of branded content. Regardless if your audience is searching for your services at this very moment; your brand and expertise will be permanently fixed in their knowledge base.

Obviously, we are not going to give away our secrets to Social Media Marketing but we will explain why we are unmatched in this space. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) uses massive amounts of data to decipher multi-channel Social Media trends. The results, MediaBoost Social Media ads put you where you need to be at the exact moment you need to be there.

Why wait for someone to search for the services that you and your competitors offer? Instead, be the company they remember when they need your services! Your brand, product, service, and experience at the center point of a giant pool of prospective clients. Simply stated; we don’t just deliver customers; we actually create them.

Think about it: We’ve all seen a billboard on a freeway. We travel past them driving pretty fast. At that speed, there really isn’t enough time to be memorable. However, you and thousands of people drive past that same billboard every single day. This is the basis of impression based marketing. Social Media ads operates under a similar construct. Thousands of people continuously seeing your company over a 30 day period, firmly imprinting your company in their mind.

MediaBoost  Social Media marketing is the ultimate digital top-of-mind awareness machine. How many times does a person need to see an image before it is branded in their mind? The answer is 4.7. Now, imagine if you will, a single MediaBoost Social Media Ad generating 13,000 impressions over a 3-day period. With the average person spending 3.5 hours per day on Social Media, you have a distinct advantage right now to truly be seen.

We cannot speak for others, but this is how MediaBoost Ads work: we identify your market, target that market, and repeatedly drive people to your website, landing pages, or simply to your social media profiles. The only way to increase your revenue is to increase your audience. Tell us what your budget and your goals, and we will handle the rest.

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