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Are Social Media Ads expensive?

April 19th, 2023

The old adage “You have to spend money to make money” is very true but wildly subjective. You have to look at your marketing like you would an employee. The higher the cost, the more results you must see: Input vs. Output! However, most small businesses rely on zero to low cost marketing to generate their revenue. Referrals, mailers, and emails make up 93% of small business marketing every single year. Ever wonder why their revenue stays the same?

Google Ads vs. Social Media Ads: Are they worth it? Well, the average Google CPC (cost per click) is about $15.00. Average website lead conversion is around 2.4%. Just so you don’t have to pull out your calculator, generating a Google lead could cost you about $625.00. Not to mention, the average monthly maintenance fee for Google Ads is around $1500.00 on top of your ad spend.

If this seems a bit shocking or out of reach, let’s shift our focus onto why Social Media Advertising is right for you. Social Media Ads operate on a completely different waive length. Social Media Ads tap into viewer response and visual stimulus since the primary focus are impressions and brand awareness. It’s all about surrounding your target audience with a stream of clickable content. As of today, you future customers spend an average of 3.5 on Social Media and this number climbs each year. The question remains; would you like to connect with your future clients?

So, are Social Media Ads expensive? Social Media ads are extremely cost effective when the company managing your ads has the expertise and knowledge. It all depends on

the effectiveness of the Social Media marketing, the conversion rate of the traffic visiting your website, and the company you are relying on to manage your social media lead generation. MediaBoost AIsinglehandedly streamlines set up from start to finish allowing for your entire marketing budget to be applied to results, rather than start-up costs.

MediaBoost created a marketing foundation that not only focuses on your budget but also your desired results. “How much can you afford?” is just as important as “What are your goals?” Right now, there are 50,000+ potential customers living within a close proximity to you. Allow MediaBoost to create a Social Media Campaign around your business so we can target your future clients and drive meaningful traffic to your website.

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