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Advertising throughout time: Where does MediaBoost come in?

April 25th, 2023

No matter the era, advertising where people entertain themselves have always had a close relationship with each other. With capitalism as our foundation, there will always be a need for advertising to consumers is the places they most often visit. From early print to social media, let’s explore the eras of advertising and the effects on business.

As soon newspapers and magazines exploded, companies gravitated to print media for notoriety since reading was how many people entertained themselves. However, one of the biggest issues were how isolated exposure was due to the limits of distribution at the time. Running a coupon for an upcoming sale is one thing but getting consumers several towns over to recognize your business was a massive challenge.
Even today, print is still heavily utilized but the notion remains: if you have a small business and a small marketing budget, you are limited to the amount of people you can reach.

With the introduction of radio came the first change for American families. Now families would gather in the living room to listen to scripted skits, news, as well as music. Obviously, the radio ad immediately followed which ultimately increased exposure since radio waves could travel much further.

In its time, radio commercials were highly effective since you had a captive audience. With only a few channels, the audience was right there to hear “now a word from our sponsor”. Radio commercials today would be the least effective since a majority of people prefer to stream music through Apple or Spotify.

If you born prior to 1994, you may remember watching TV and actually having to watch commercials. Advertisers had you for 2-3 minutes 3 times per episode. Commercials changed marketing forever. With commercials for mom, dad, and even kids it was really the first-time advertisers were able to capitalize on target demographics.

Today, streaming networks have taken over. The chance for brands to reach their audience is limited to live events. Most people seem to record their favorite show so they can fast forward. Although visually the most effective, the cost of a quality commercial surpasses 97.4% of small business budgets making commercials truly out of reach.

Did you know, the average American spends 3.5 hours per day on Social Media? Social Media engagement has surpassed TV watching and there’s no turning back. Social Media Ads address everything. Captive Audience? Yes. Target Audience? Absolutely. Affordable? You guessed it.
Brand awareness and lead generation are the foundation of Social Media Marketing. Thousands of consumers in your market are on Social Media right now entertaining themselves.

MediaBoost Social Media Ads developed a marketing structure using data trends and Artificial Intelligence. Imagine a series of targeted graphic ads that showcase your services to the exact people you want as customers. Built around your budget and desired results, let MediaBoost create a custom Social media campaign to drive you new business.

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