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Are Social Media Ads Effective?

April 18th, 2023

Just like any form of marketing, content is king. The effectiveness of the advertisement rests heavy on consistency, ad clarity, and the emotional response of the viewer. However, in a visually digital age Social Media advertising has become the most effective form of advertising in the modern era. Low cost, high impression marketing that taps directly into your immediate community of potential customers makes Social Media Ads cheaper than Google.

So why are Social Media Ads effective? Think of your target audience. Their age, occupation, income levels, geographic location, etc. Regardless of your answer, Americans are spending 3.5 hours each day engaging with their friends and community. Simply stated, Social Media is today’s preferred form of entertainment. To give you some perspective, the average American spends 3.1 hours per day watching TV.

Think about that! If mega corporations are spending millions of dollars for commercial space, then your small business social media ads should be targeting that same captive audience. The only difference is how affordable social media ads are through MediaBoost.

What makes Social Media Marketing effective? Going back to the commercial comparison, that is a massive 45-60 second expense that could very well be overlooked by someone simply changing the channel. MediaBoost custom social media campaigns keep the content fresh for your audience. Instead of your limited budget being exhausted on a singular event, how about stretching your monthly budget across multiple Social Media outlets with a series of custom social ads that target your future customers?

So why are Social Media Ads better than Google Ads? No one is saying that. Marketing is simply reminding people that you exist. Even a phone call to a past client is effective. Google Ads are way more expensive and without a dedicated Ads Manager monitoring your campaigns, you could easily deplete your months budget in 24 hours.

Secondly, Google Ads require people to search for services like yours. If you and your competitors are running comparable campaigns, then you are forced to occupy the same digital space at the same time. Competitive keyword bidding causes click cost to rise and drastically limit your exposure.

 Social Media Ads tap into visual stimulation and encapsulation by surrounding your target audience with content and graphics to make you top-of-mind. Since Social Media Ads are simply more affordable, they allow you to stretch a limited budget over a 30-day period to maximize your exposure. Imagine thousands of impressions for as little as $200.00.

MediaBoost is the best alternative for Google Ads. Our team of dedicated ads managers will maximize your monthly spend and assemble a campaign that focuses on the results you want, while feeding fresh content onto the screens of your future customers.

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