With tens of thousands of keywords to manage in our Google AdWords campaigns, our team was looking for a technology solution that would effectively automate the quantitative decision-making process. After trying various solutions and services we chose MediaBoost to work in compliment with our proprietary technology. They won their way in through clear, quick and measurable ROI, combined with outstanding

Tina Judic, UK Country Manager, ValueClick Search.

Teuza, founded in 1992, is one of the first funds to pioneer the Israeli Venture Capital industry. Teuza invests in various areas of high-tech including healthcare, biotechechnology, telecommunications, semiconductors, and software. Teuza invests in all stages from seed to start-up through later stage growth. Teuza's stock is traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange market.

Individual Angel Investors:
- Michael Burstein
- Boris Gruzman
- Sandeep Shrimali
- Vladimir Rivkin
- Kelvin Chun